The Center for Methane Research (CMR) has been formed to become the preeminent authority on the presence and impacts of methane in the atmosphere with a focus on the interconnected role of natural gas production, delivery and use.

The objectives of CMR are:

  • To act as a liaison between industry, university researchers, government researchers, regulators, and other groups to ensure that the most important information on methane is made available while fostering collaborations.
  • To disseminate technically accurate information to members for use in communication with the press, the trade press, stakeholders and decision makers.
  • To collect and analyze existing data on methane emission trends and atmospheric concentration levels, including specific contributions of natural gas production, delivery, and use.
  • To both facilitate and conduct new scientific investigations on the role of methane in global warming, with an emphasis on (1) atmospheric methane concentration and chemistry and (2) methane radiative physics, to ensure appropriate values are used for methane‚Äôs existing atmospheric background concentrations, Global Warming Potential (GWP) and radiative forcing.
  • To serve as a repository for information on the potential contribution of methane to global warming with an emphasis on the nexus with natural gas industry segments.

This website will act as the portal to disseminate information and offer members access to methane emission calculation tool for their specific companies.